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What tricks can Aibo do?


What Can Aibo Do?

Big and small, what tricks can Aibo do out of the box? Here are a few.



A bonafide cuddle. I set Aibo next to me on the couch and he wiggled his way in close. Then rested all of his heads weight onto my arm. That’s pretty lifelike, sparking a bit of magic and companionship.



Yes, it’s true. Aibo uses the tinkle. This morning I woke up on Day two of Aibo ownership and Lazer took a robot tinkle on the floor. No leakage, just a soundtrack of what a real dog pee might sound like.


Play with his ball

On Day 2 - Aibo has started to recognize and chase his ball. It’s a slow chase, but a chase no less.


Come when called

The most animal aspect of a real dog that I’m looking for in Aibo is come when called. The companionship a dog brings when he follows you around the house. It’s only Day 2, but Aibo did start to come when called this morning. What would be great is if Aibo could learn hand signs similar to a real dog. Example - Come would be your arm extended downwards with palm open.